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Beets&Roots: The Interview

By foodora I December 2017



Today we chat with Leon from Beets&Roots, a very successful partner of foodora. Leon will answer some questions regarding packaging. 


foodora: First of all about Beets&Roots in general, what do you do?

Leon: Beets&Roots is a fast casual chain that has its two first sites in Berlin Mitte. Our plan is to further grow in Germany's main markets. 

Now to the food. We offer original dishes that at the same time are healthy and fresh. The market for people craving for a healthy lunch is huge. That's where we come into place by offering fresh dishes like bowls. 



foodora: Apart from the bowls, you also offer salads and soups. But bowls are your specialties? 

Leon: Exactly. The bowl is the dish we are famous for. Others are also popular, though. Especially now in winter, a lot of people order soups. Wraps on the other side are ordered by people that want to eat something savory. 


foodora: What's your favorite dish? 

Leon: Puh ... of course I already tried every single dish we offer. I think it would be the Oriental Bowl or the Caesars Wrap - both are highly recommended. 



foodora: Now to packaging. Can you say some words about your packaging standard at Beets&Roots?

Leon: We highly value aesthetics. Our customers should already recognize the level of quality according to the packaging. At the same time, we make sure to create a so-called 'instagrammable effect'. This is being created by someone looking at the food and thinking 'Wow, this looks awesome, I need to share this with my followers on instagram!'. That's why packaging is highly important to us. 

Also, since we work together with foodora, which is a very important part of our business. We need to assure that customers get their food delivered in the best condition possible. This is also where the 'instagrammable effect' should not be lost. 



foodora: Which different kinds of packaging are you using for your delievery business? 

Leon: This totally depends on the food. For bowls and salads we use the paper bowls, and for our soups we use the paper soup cups. With drinks it differs if you get a pre-filled juice or a fresh one. The fresh ones are being packaged in the drink cups. Oh, and I forgot our wraps - those we package in wrapping paper.